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Games we are hiring in: Destiny 2, WoW WotLK. Other hire news in our Discord
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What is LFCarry?
LFCarry is a platform that connects professional players with customers for in-game services, assistance, and fun.

We know this is a challenging time, and as the COVID-19 crisis continues the well-being of LFCarry pro-players is our priority.

Why us?
  • 1
    Keep your tips
    Earn tips from your customers and keep the whole amount — they're yours.
  • 2
    Career growth
    Impress customers and become their favorite pro - you will get all their orders. Work hard, create your stable customer base and make more money!
  • 3
    Convenient and timely payments
    Your earnings will be sent to your bank account via direct deposit, no headaches!
  • 4
    Official contract
    You will have a formal employment contract and a guaranteed stable income. Transparency FTW!
  • 5
    Equipment Upgrade
    We subsidize equipment purchases for the best pro players who show a desire to improve their skills and income. We'll help you with expenditures on computer hardware, peripherals, and game consoles.

Games we are hiring in

Pro-players About Us
  • During 2 years of work at LFC, I have gained a lot of experience in working with people and providing service. I have my own team and have formed my own opinion about the entire industry. Pro-player work - Cool, modern, unique ... But not everything is as it may appear at first glance, if you want to earn really good money, then you will have to sweat and work not only on your skill, but also on providing customer service. The task of the performer is to show not only a beautiful game, but also to make the client return.

    Of the advantages, I can note:

    1. LFC people often spot good players
    2. If you are a good player, you will see many good orders on the platform
    3. Convenient System
    4. Stable payments
    5. Free schedule.
    P.S. I recommend this if you are really a professional and know how to work with people.

    Lamoname 4.9 ⭐️
    2 years on the platform, 1083 orders
  • Hey there future and present Legionnaires:)

    My name is Alex I am 32 and I work with other teammates as Destiny 2 pro gamers on this platform for almost 2 years now .

    We started to work here like a game, I mean once you reach the awareness of your skills in what you do for hobby,that in our case is playing videogames, you can turn it into a career, where there is a will there is a way.

    Quoting Confucius "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" like we are doing here thanks to LFC.
    Alearez 4.8 ⭐️
    1year and 9 months on the platform, 984 Orders
  • I handle basically all PvE activities, from exotics to raids.

    I'm attracted to this job by the relatively free schedule, good pay, and the ability to make money while maintaining and keeping my in-game skills at a high level.
    TakenVex 4.95 ⭐️
    2 months on the platform, 36 Orders
  • I applied for LFC with a big medical treatment loan and not knowing where my life was headed. After a few months of working as player I unlocked a totally new type of job for myself. One where I work for myself. I was doing the same things that I liked, but now I was also cleaning up my debt, saved up enough money and relocated to a nice neighborhood. Now, I have a pretty free work schedule, I met tons of new and pleasant people who I can spend as much time with as I want.

    I'm not pestered with obligatory work plans or have to bend backwards for the collective, work overtime and wait endlessly to get paid. Now, I pick when I want to work, how long, and how much I get paid. Which happens every 5-7 business days.
    Flint 4.97 ⭐️
    10 months on the platform, 100 Orders
How to start?
  • Apply online
    We only need your email and nickname to start registration. Fill the form and get an email!
  • Tell us about yourself
    Fill out a questionnaire so that we get to know you better.
  • Get feedback
    We work with each player individually. We will check your profile and contact you within 24 hours.
    Please note: we may require additional compliance checks.
  • Complete your first deal
    Try our platform, make your first deal with a client and start earning money in games.
  • 😇 Can I trust you?
    LFC is a company created by gamers for gamers. Our global mission is to create 1 million jobs in virtual worlds. We have been working since 2016 and have helped over 10,000 players start making money in games. You are one more step towards our goal!
  • 💰 How will I get paid?
    Before taking an order, you know exactly what needs to be done and how much you will get for it. Fill in your bank details, complete the order and receive payment to your card/bank account. Transparent, clear, and simple.
  • 💵 How much can I earn?
    Typically, income depends on your skills and the number of orders completed. The game can also affect income, but basically, everything is in your hands. The more dedication you have, the more money you have.
  • 👶 If I don't play games but want to get started, can I work with you?
    Sorry but no. We hire experienced and skilled players only. We need your game profile and stats to verify your skills and approve your application. Come back as soon as you gain experience and knowledge - we will be glad to see you on our team!
  • 🛠 What tools do I need for work?
    To get started, you need a computer or console that supports the games we work on. More powerful and productive platforms will make you feel more confident and provide additional services like streaming. Usually, when you do more (streaming, polite communication, punctuality, etc.), the client leaves a good tip.
  • 🤝 Can I work with my team?
    Yes! You can take orders for teams, but all team members will need to register first.
  • 👍 How will I receive orders?
    You will have access to our platform with a list of active orders. We also send notifications for promotions, rare orders, or special conditions. Choose and complete orders that suit you.
  • 📅 What's the working schedule?
    Each player chooses a convenient time for himself. However, if you are on a shift, you must take orders.
    The faster you accept and complete orders, the more satisfied and loyal customers you have. More customers - more tips!
  • 🔥 Why is the PRO-player profession relevant?
    There's no denying that there's a ton of money in video games. But you might not know that the top players have a massive effect on gaming companies' success, but many barely give any recognition to their top players. LFCarry is here to change that.

    These days, games have their own internal economies, with many items that can be easily appraised for their real-world value, based on the time and talent it takes to earn them. Video game publishers have known this for years and happily charge real money for these items directly from their in-game stores. Most of these items can be earned in-game, and top-tier players already have them. Hence the demand - everyone wants to have gear like their favorite pro.
    We're connecting talented players who can earn these items with players who need them.
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