New deals 2.0
Hello and welcome to New Deals 2.0
We'd like to tell you more about the changes that await you.
One of the most important is: New deals are now updated in real time.
New deals are now divided into two categories:
Auction and Available orders.
Any new order is now routed through the Auction first
  • The Auction lasts for 3 minutes.
  • During the Auction, you can offer your bid for which you are willing to complete the order.
  • The player who places the lowest bid wins and receives the order.
  • By clicking "Accept now," the order can be picked up right away.
At the time, you may only participate in one of the available auctions.
  • When you place a bid, and it is the best one, you will see this notification.
  • When your bid is outbid, you will see the following notification.
Next block is “Available orders”
This block displays all of the orders that are available to you
We simplified it and made it more clear. We've highlighted everything you need to know to take an order.

Also, the orders have added tags, so please do not forget to set them up for yourself. We made them more flexible.
Currently, the New Deals 2.0 only works for Destiny 2
To switch to other games, press the following button.
Penalty status update
“Penalty Orders Left” is our old Destiny 2 penalty system, but now it's called penalty status instead of young status.
These are the most significant changes that we made.

In addition, we made numerous minor modifications, which you will become acquainted with during your work :)

Please do not forget to leave your feedback. It is very important for us.

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