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  • 💰 Orders Prices
    • What if I disagree with the price?
    • What to do if the commission for the sale does not appear?
    • How to clarify a payment question?
    • How do I know how much tip I got?
    • What should I do if I do not understand the order description?
    • Can I reschedule the start time?
    • Why is the exchange rate on the site so weird?
    • How to get a job with you?
    • What does selfplay/piloted mean?
    • What does a game session mean?
  • 🏁 Orders Completion
    • What if the game's activity is unavailable?
    • What if the customer doesn't respond?
    • When do I need to start completing the client's order?
    • What to do if a client's account is banned?
    • Why did you remove me from the order?
    • How can I withdraw an order?
    • Can I contact the client somewhere other than the LFCarry.cоm chat?
    • What if the order is missing in New Deals?
    • What if I can only complete part of the order?
    • How and why should I use VPN?
    • How do limits work?
    • What if the customer does not meet the service requirements?
  • 🧑 Account
    • How do I change my password?
    • How do I change my nickname?
    • How do I change my e-mail?
    • Why do I need to verify my account one more time?
    • Why can't I see orders?
    • I have not received the one-time password.
    • How do I fill in my payment information?
    • How can I get an update on my question?
    • What to do after filling out a job application? How can I get an update on my application?
    • How does favorite pro work?
  • 💸 Sales
    • How to create a payment link?
    • What to do if the commission for the sale does not appear?
  • ℹ️ Rules & Instructions
    • Account settings
    • Completing an order
    • Accepting an order
    • Gaming session start
    • Completing a gaming session
    • Completing an order
    • How to sell and earn 10% extra reward?
    • Payouts
    • Communicating with the client
    • Client's account
    • Security
    • Emergency situations
    • Violations and sanctions
  • ℹ️ LFCarry Updates
    New features and news.
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