Content creation tutorial for LFCarry content makers
About LFCarry
LFCarry is the biggest platform for hiring professional players for your in-game needs.

Since 2016 we’ve helped 180,000 gamers save their time and play smart, skipping the tiring in-game routine.
Why LFCarry?
Our strong team of PRO players consists of experienced
gamers considered the best in the community.
  • 20+

    Videogames we work with on the platform

  • 100,000+
    Successfully completed orders
  • 4.9
    Trustpilot rating based on 4,000+ LFCarry reviews
  • 56,000+
    Satisfied customers
Video requirements
  • Video duration
    From 30 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Visual
    You must be in the video
  • Audio
    The text you are saying must be audible
  • Title
    The title of the video must contain the name of our service, for example "LFCarry review from the bottom of my heart"
  • Correct link
    You must post the correct link to our website
    so we can see your video in our analytics.
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  • Description 
    You must use the following hashtags and keywords in the video description: #LFC; #LFCarry; #LFC_review; #LFCarry_Destiny2
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Useful tips & tricks
  • Light
    Record the video in daylight, in front of a window or lamp with cold light.
  • Hashtags
    Use related hashtags, this will help attract more views and reactions to your post.
  • Communication
    Speak frankly and don’t get nervous :)
  • Interest
    Use your creativity.